“One of the greatest purposes a man/woman can ever be indulged in is the positive evolution of self for the selfless service to humanity.”

— Ufuoma Apoki


Recovery Coach

FAVOR Tri-County provides co-trainers and assists in the development of course content for this training designed for individuals who will work with peers experiencing substance use disorders. The course is the basis for the CPSS training without the Medicaid Billing component. Individuals who complete this training, will work in volunteer settings usually under the direction of one of FAVOR SC’s affiliated chapters.

Language of Recovery

The “Language of Recovery” is provided by a partnership between FAVOR SC Recovery Training Academy and the Southeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center. This training highlights the impact of stigmatizing pejorative language and words that disempower individuals. Respectful, empowering and non-stigmatizing alternative language is offered in this impactful training. empowers rather than disparages.

Intervention for Clergy and Pastoral Counselors

Offered over a 3-day period, this training teaches basic motivational interviewing skills. This evidence-based practice promotes a non-confrontational, person-centered, strength-based, outcome-informed approach to engaging individuals experiencing substance use disorders. FAVOR Tri-County provides co-trainers, courseware and program evaluation.

Telephone Recovery Support

Funded by the SAMHSA RCSP SN Grant,* this training is presented exclusively to FAVOR SC RTA-trained Recovery Coaches and Certified Peer Support Specialists. (See the program description under Peer-Based Recovery Support Services.)

* This grant is managed by FAVOR Tri-County’s grant team.

Ethics and Self Care

This four-hour training module is designed exclusively for FAVOR SC-trained recovery coaches and Certified Peer Support Specialists. Peer coaches pay attention to their holistic health. This training identifies important ethical guidelines and basic principles for evaluating situations that require corrective action. RTA provides this training in partnership with the Southeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center.

Certified Peer Support Specialist

FAVOR Tri-County provides co-trainers and courseware for this 40-hour HHS-approved training. The practice of motivational interviewing is at the heart of this non-confrontational, person-centered style of engaging peers that increases the individual’s intrinsic motivation to change.Training is provided to persons with two or more years of uninterrupted recovery from substance abuse disorders.

Motivational Interviewing Booster

This day-long training is designed for and presented exclusively to FAVOR SC-trained recovery coaches and Certified Peer Support Specialists to refresh the motivational interviewing skills they learned in the RTA Recovery Coach or RTA Certified Peer Support Specialists cohorts. FAVOR Tri-County co-ordinates and organizes this training.

Recovery Coach/ASAP

FAVOR Tri-County staff is currently developing a curriculum of peer coach material for military retirees and veterans in long-term recovery who will volunteer to work with enlisted soldiers at Ft. Jackson who are in the year-long Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP). This training is the result of a partnership with the ASAP Treatment Team, FAVOR SC RTA, and the Southeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center. This training is funded by the SAMHSA RCSP SN grant.